Gallery III – Nelson & Area


5 thoughts on “Gallery III – Nelson & Area

  1. Beautiful work! Didn’t realize we had so many places of worship – this is wonderful.

  2. Truly exciting to see these treasured pictures. Father served a Lutheran congregation in Nelson in 1920 after graduating from Concordia in St. Louis; do you have related date information on the two churches, St. John’s and Ascension, in Nelson?

  3. Regarding St. John’s Lutheran Church on Silica information from Retired Pastor Glen Backus says in October 1919 Pastor V.L. Meyer was the first resident Lutheran Pastor in the Kootenays. The purchase of land and construction of the present church started in 1926 and the first services were held with over 100 worshipers in June 1928.

    Information on the Ascension Lutheran Church on Silver King Road from Pastor Nolan Gingrich – the first service for the Ascension was held October 13, 1968 in a mobile trailer chapel with Pastor Carl Jensen. In 1971 the congregation broke ground in Rosemont for the present mission-style church.

    If you have more early information to share it would be most welcome.

  4. Would you happen to know the name of the old Anglican Church in lower Fairview, near Lakeside Park? I have a friend whose Father was the Pastor there. When did this church close. L

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