2 thoughts on “Harrison Memorial Church, Crawford Bay, BC

  1. May we have your permission to include your painting of Harrison Memorial Church with Tom Lymbery’s upcoming article on the church? It would appear in our local paper, East Shore Mainstreet, and of course would be credited to you as the artist. The credit line would read: “Harrison Memorial Church, 2011 painting by Tea Preville, courtesy of the artist”.

    Tom and I are directors of the Gray Creek Historical Society, and have a longstanding interest is this historic church. Could you please let me know your decision by Wednesday, Jan 27th?

    Many thanks,
    Frances Roback

  2. Hello Frances, Thanks to you and Tom for reaching out. Absolutely you have my permission to use the image of the Harrison Memorial Church for your article. I believe the resolution is sufficient, if not, please let me know. Stay safe, tea preville

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